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What is KTuner?

KTuner is a new tuning solution for K series applications. KTuner was originally designed for use on the 05-06 RSX platform, but can be used on a variety of applications including:

  • 02-04 RSX/02-05 EP3 with the use of a conversion harness
  • K20 and K24 swapped vehicles
  • 05-06 RSX Type-S, Base Auto and Manual
  • 03-05 Accord Auto and Manual
  • 06-07 Accord Drive By Wire Auto and Manual
  • 03-06 Element Auto and Manual
  • 07-08 Element Drive By Wire Auto and Manual (Coming soon)
  • 06-09 S2000 (Coming soon)


End User (self tuning)
End User (self tuning)
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KTuner E Tune service
KTuner E Tune service

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